Friday, December 17, 2010

Our Top 10 moments of 2010

We present to you:
Our Top 10 moments of 2010

10:  Ben won the starring role of "Edna" from Hairspray!
Ben & his friend Dylan... Ben loves his fedoras!
9:  Daniel laces up hockey skates for the first time!


 8:  Visits with our families... near and far!
7:  Jack &  Harry say goodbye to Blacktop.
Jack & Blacktop... A once in a lifetime dog!
6:  Coco joins our family and marks our hearts whole again!
Josh & Coco

5:  Josh becomes a Bar Mitzvah!
4:  Josh plays his first season of tackle football!  Loves It!
3:  Jan walks 20 miles in the fight against breast cancer.
2:  Allen wins his campaign for member of the school board!
1:  Memories made and moments cherished together.

Happy Holidays!  From our family to yours!

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