Monday, December 15, 2008

Disney Dream Suite

A Dream come true! They really do come true...
We spent the weekend at Disneyland. The last visit on our Annual Passes that we have enjoyed all year. I was feeling meloncholy ... Josh is getting so big. Will he want to go next time we have a pass and hang with his Mom & Dad? Or will he be too big for that? Sniff, Sniff. We went on Saturday evening and it was crowded, cold and Ben didn't feel well. We stayed the night in a Hotel so we could have some more Disney magic in the morning for a few hours before we went home. Little did we know what was in store for the us!

Sunday morning we woke up. Josh complained. The man at the breakfast place was slow. The parking lot was closed that we always park in. I complained. We got to the park. Finally. We stopped at the restroom.

Finally we made it to Space Mountain! Always our first stop of the day. Daniel had to pee again! Can you believe it? We just went to the bathroom. I was frustrated. We finally get to the line at Space Mountain. It seems like we have been working for nearly three hours to get to Disneyland. Daniel is in the front of the line. He loves to tell them how many in the party. He asks for the front seat. We have to wait. We get in, finally! We all LOVE Space Mountain! There are guys at the control tower that wave at Daniel. I think it's just because he is cute. We come to the end of the ride and the guys from the control tower are at the exit. They snap a photo of Daniel. I think it's because he is cute! Daniel races Josh to the exit to see the photo they take in the tunnel. We catch up and these two guys are talking to the boys. I think it's because they are in trouble. The guys come up to us - tell us their names Josh & Jarod. They tell us that our son Daniel is a prize winner and that they are the dream squad! I can't believe it!

They take us to the Winner's Lounge. We view a DVD. Daniel has won the GRAND PRIZE for the day! He has won a night in the Dream Suite (the Suite over Pirates)! Allen and I are speechless! How could this be happening to our family?! What a gift! Then Jarod continues ... Dinner at the Blue Bayou, Front of the line passes, Daniel gets to be the Grand Marhsall of the Parade, Special Balcony seats to view Fantasmic, Behind the Scenes Tour of Disneyland after they close, Character Breakfast in the morning and tons of Disney Magic all the way thru! WOW! How exciting! We call Gramma and tell her to get in the car and come join us. This is too good to be true! She makes it in time for dinner and ALL of the festivities!
We are still floating and still can't believe how Disney Magic came to our home and our lives!

In our chariot that we rode in the parade! Notice the giant sign with Daniel's name on it! We now are the proud owners of two of these signs (one was on each side of the car!)!

Sleeping Beauty's Castle at 1:00 am! Nobody was there - EXCEPT us! (And the pouring rain!)

Outside the Haunted Mansion at midnight! Did you know that there are ghosts that live there? We heard the story! And, we heard the ghosts!

What a gift! What memories! We are so lucky!