Friday, April 3, 2009

Mi Sherbierach

I took Josh & Daniel to temple tonight.

I learned something.
As a Jew we pray, each and every week, for healing for anyone that needs
We sing a really pretty song and say a pretty prayer.
It's called the Mi Sherbierach.

After you sing the first verse the Rabbis walk around the room and ask
for names of people that need healing.
I never offer any names... I say them to myself - but have never said
them outloud.

Josh was sitting next to me.
He said, "Mom how come you didn't say Gramma's name?" "You know Mom, she needs healing."

He told me every Wednesday they sing the Mi Sherbierach in Hebrew
School. And, every Wednesday he says Gramma's name.
That really touched me.

Here's a link if you are interested in hearing the song/prayer.