Thursday, December 8, 2011

Top 10 of 2011

We present to you:
Our Top 10 moments of 2011

10:  Ben begins studying in earnest for his Bar Mitzvah  in 2012.

9:  Joshua tries lacrosse and has the time of his life!  Declares it's the sport for him!  Daniel tries it and decides he doesn't like it.  Has taken up tennis!  Loves that.  And, it's easy for Mom & Dad - he can walk to the park on his own for practice!

8:  Amazing vacation to Washington D.C. and Williamsburg.  Memories to last a lifetime.

7:  We spend time at Riverway Ranch Camp!  Mom finds out she is too old to go to camp ... Ben and Daniel have a fabulous time!

6:  Mom sets out to really start training for the AVON Walk and raises over $2500 in the fight against breast cancer.

5.  Mom takes part in the AVON Walk (for the 2nd time) and Ben joins in the fun!  We both manage to complete nearly 18 miles and have made the commitment to do it again in 2012!  Thrilled that Allen & Daniel were there all along the route to cheer us on and give us encouragement!

4:  Josh starts High School (Now a member of the class of 2015), Ben is in 7th grade and Daniel is in his last year (sniff!) of elementary school. 

3:  Josh plays High School Football.  Figures out it's not for him!  (Phew!)

2:  Allen gets permission to work from home full time... that is when he is home and not traveling to places like Tokyo, Norway, Amsterdam, London, Spain, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Washington DC.  All places he visited for work in 2011.  (Jan even got to join him in Hong Kong for a long weekend!)

1:  Thrilled to have made memories as a family together. Declared Sunday family dinner night.  Had had many moments and memories together with family and friends and treasure those times!

Happy Holidays!  From our family to yours!