Friday, April 25, 2008

Joshua vs. the Baseball update

Josh got a good check up today.
It's been a LONG week!

His eye is not bleeding anymore! Thank goodness!
And the pressure is down.

Bad news ... his pupil is still dialated and still not working properly. He will have to be careful in the sun and on the lake and wear dark glasses whenever he is outdoors. There really is nothing to do for that issue except learn to deal with it.

We are thankful that his vision has not been an issue and we are thankful that he did not have a head injury!

Back to school on Monday for which he is happy (he was VERY bored at home!) and back to baseball on May 9th. I hope he has the courage. I hope I have the courage too!

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Joshua vs. the Baseball

Joshua had his first big accident playing baseball! He was playing short stop and a line drive took a bad hop straight into his eye.

He instantly got a huge goose egg right above his eye! We went to the Emergency Room followed by a visit to a specialist the same night.

He has a hyphema in his eye (bleeding internally) and his pupil is not working.

He is on bedrest for the next seven days! Oy! Which includes no baseball and no school! He is thrilled!

Keep your fingers crossed that the bleeding stops and that the pupil works again!

The most amazing thing happened though... the other team signed their game ball and gave it to him! What a tremendous show of sportsmanship!

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Soap Box Derby

Daniel had the time of his life in the Soap Box Derby! The Tribe built the car and he got to ride down a hill, trying to control the car and not wreck! Unfortunately at the bottom of the hill he crashed into a hay bale and the steering wheel crashed into his face!

Thankfully in this picture he has no idea what is ahead! He said he had the best time but refused to take his second race. The best part of the race... he won!

Sunday, April 6, 2008

Reily's Farm

The 5th Grade went to Riley's Farm!

They got to pretend like they were in the Revolutionary War and ate the corn bread and beef jerky to go along with it!

It was a long day; Allen went as a Chaperone and said he is looking forward to doing it two more time!

It's a right of passage of sorts for the Fifth Graders ... they *love* riding on the fancy bus and going far from home.

More of that to come; much to soon for this mom!