Friday, July 2, 2010

100 Things

100 things that make me smile.
I challenge you to make a similar list.

1. Ben's Freckles.
2. Frogs at night.
3.The memory of Blacktop "speaking" in the morning.
4. Allen 's blue eyes.
5. Having a good conversation with my good friends.
6. Daniel's amazing intellect.
7. Josh's crazy noises - even though they make me crazy.
8. Videos that my boys make of their favorite video games.
9. Watching Josh play Basketball.
10. Watching Ben Act.
11. My charm bracelet that Allen has given me charms for over the years.
12. My curls.
13. Josh's curls.  He finally has some!
14. End of a 4 mile walk.
15. Going to the dog park and seeing my dogs smile.
16. My puppy Coco and her cuddles.
17. Jack's sighs.
18. Allen tickling Ben and making him really belly laugh!
19. Family movie nights in our bed.
20. Getting a text message from Allen saying "I Love You".
21. Finding a long lost friend.
22. Whose Line Is It Anyway?
23. Comedy Sportz at the High School.
24. Concerts in the Park in the summer.
25. Allen's stuipd jokes.
26. Allen's if your name was... what would your last name be.
27. Daniel's way he makes the same dumb jokes as his dad.
28. The relationship my boys have with their Grandparents.
29. A letter in the mail.  Just for me.
30. Seeing the joy on a student's face when they complete a project.
31. Knowing that it was because of me they completed it!
32. Making videos for special occasions.
33. Going to Temple.
34. Jack finding a sock and the way he has to show it to me!
35. Coco finding her barker. 
36. Live musicals.
37. Turning the volume up and opening the windows in the van and really singing!  And the boys joining along!
38. Tim McGraw.
39. Laundry complete.
40. Clean house. 
41. Candles burning.
42. Clean yard. 
43. Flowers growing.
44. Email from old friends.
45. Pictures that really turn out great.
46. Malibu sunsets.
47. Dolphins at the beach.
48. Planning my boys birthday celebrations.
49. Planning family get togethers.
50. My nook.
51. Shabbat.
52. Leaving for vacation when it's dark.
53. Memories that I share with my sisters.
54. The love of a niece.
55. Texting with friends.
56. The smell of sunscreen.
57. The smell of honeysuckle and jasmine.  Spring is here!
58. Puppy breath.
59. Sushi.
60. Family Game Night.
61. Seeing old friends.  Especially the ones that no time has passed between.
62. Eating dinner outside.
63. Moms night out.
64. My pillows.
65. My memories of the Calgary Stampede.
66. Completing a jigsaw puzzle.
67. Clean teeth.
68. Dirty children because they played!
69. Watching Daniel play hockey.
70. Watching the joy on Ben's face as he swims in the water.
71. Ben's quiet ways.
72. Holding Allen's hand and the kids getting in the way.
73. Freshly shaved faces.
74. Freshly shaved legs.
75. Looking at pictures of my kids at camp.
76. Pac Man.
77. Really laughing.
78. Dressing my boys up 'fancy'.
79. Reading blogs.
80. Email.
81. Anderson Cooper.
82. Dirty Jobs.
83. Dates with my husband.
84. Aunt Iris' Ice Cream Cake
85. Surprise Birthday Breakfasts - a new tradition.
86. Smiling Dogs.
87. The smell of a fireplace on a cold winter night.
88. The sound of the neighbor playing his clarinet in his driveway on a summer night.
89. Lightening bugs.
90. Chicago hot dogs.
91. Family traditions.
92. Lighting the Hanukkah candles.
93. Sending a card to a friend just to make her day.
94. Real Simple magazine.
95. Clean cars.
96. My real life friends.
97. My internet friends ... who mean more to me then my real life friends.
98. Memories.
99. Holidays.
100. Really loving someone that it makes me cry.

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