Monday, February 23, 2009

Do It Yourself Projects

Allen & I have embarked on the adventure of a lifetime! We laid new floors in the boys rooms several weeks ago and then we laid them in the living room & dining room.
We also had the house painted on the inside and got new carpet on the stairs, landing & master bedroom. More pictures will be coming!

Dining Room.

Dining room chair that I recovered. My Mom picked out the fabric. It's beautiful & best of all ... Allen likes it! I did not think he would - but he does!

View of the living room & dining room.

We turned the living room into an office room. Complete with three desks & three computers. We really brought new life to this unused space. Best of all, Ben gets his own room & I can have the computers in the open and not be so worried about the boys getting into trouble googling things they should not be!

Biggest Job of all... new banister! Allen & I stripped the white wash banister down to the bare wood and sanded & stained. It was a huge job. A 'professional' quoted us $4,000 to do the job. We are pretty smitten that it cost us about $50 and about 100 hours of work... but the end result is beautiful! You can see the new carpet too. It's really plush and pretty! The mirror on the stairs was a great find from TJ Maxx for $60. I was happy with that too!

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