Thursday, November 20, 2008

My Baby is Eight

I can't believe that I wrote those words!
My baby is eight.
Where have these eight years gone?

Daniel is pure boy. All the way thru and thru.
He loves to climb trees, dig in the dirt, look for bugs, swim in the pool, go to the beach, look for sand crabs, make up stories with his brother, read books, watch Mythbusters & Dirty Jobs - over and over again!
He knows every episode that we have on our DVR and won't let us erase any of them. He knows all of the secrets and some days says he is going to be the guy on Mythbusters!
He loves his dogs- especially Jack. He doesn't let Harry's growl bother him - he just picks him up and carries him around like he is a doll.

He has many friends and is a friend to many. His very best friend in the whole world is his brother Ben. That makes me very happy.
He has a very easy time in school and sometimes tells me that he feels like he could teach the class. He is probably right. He always asks questions and actually LISTENS for the answers.

He loves to play board games. Not just any board games; not just normal board games but games like RISK and STRATEGO are at the top of his list.

I can't believe that it was eight years ago that he came into this world, I can't believe that eight years has gone by.

He completed our family.
He made us a family of five.

Happy Birthday to my Baby Boy Daniel Martin.
I love you with all of my heart and soul.

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