Sunday, June 22, 2008

Dad's final wish

Dad's final wish was granted. Our dear friend Ron & his family took Dad to Mammoth Mountain. To a black diamond run, "Dave's run", and scattered his ashes.
Look at the view.
I think we should have the run renamed ... what do you think?

I think Dad was happy to come out of the closet - it had been nearly three years and I know he is thrilled to be atop a mountain.

We miss you dad. May you finally rest in peace in the place you loved so much.


Kathy said...

Oh Jan, I am sure that your Dad is happy and proud of all of you. How is your Mom doing?

Thanks for the link to your blog. I look forward to catching up with you and your family.


Nick said...

you made it sound like papa was gay.

Nick said...

you made it sound like papa came out of THE closet.

Maggie said...

LOL... That made me laugh, Nick! What a beautiful view! Glad he can rest at the place he loved.