Monday, May 19, 2008

Joshua's 11th Birthday

My baby is 11! I can't believe it!
He wears a mens size eight shoe and is 5 feet tall. He is officially the same height as me.
He hands are as big as mine and he looks me eye to eye.
It's crazy.
I find myself having dejavu moments when I look at him. I can't believe 11 years ago he was born and 11 years ago my life changed and I became a mother.
Moments & Memories. That is what life is about.

He played in the All Star Baseball Game yesterday - his third game back since his injury and had a great time! He was grinning and on the game the whole time. Got a few great hits and even scored two runs. His team won 12 - 11.
It was an exciting day!

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sherrie said...

That's wonderful Jan!!! A big Texas Happy Birthday for your young man =}

Sherrie and Family