Saturday, March 29, 2008

Our New Fence

We got a new fence put in! The fence company made a mistake and ripped out the wrong side ... so we got 1/2 of our fence - the left side as you look at our house for nearly free! We had to pay for the picket on the top but that was it.
It really makes a world of difference in our backyard!
Now the fun comes when I get to go buy new flowers and shrubs!
I can't wait!
The side yard with our double gates to keep the dogs away from the meter readers!

This is looking west. This was the side that was ripped out by mistake. You can't see it but they also ripped out forty feet of wroght iron going up the slope. They had to replace that as well!

Another view - looking west. We are hoping to train our lab this summer to not get in the pool so we can actually take down the child proof gate that goes around the pool.

On the east side of our yard.
The front of our house. What a dreary day! Our neighbors on the right side (east side) were the ones we were spliting the fence with. The ones on the left are selling their house.... the new owners will be so lucky to have a brand new fence! And, that side cost those neighbors nothing!

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